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About the Book

SCADA and Me is an educational book about a system that impacts our daily lives. This system is called SCADA (Supervisory, Control, and Data Acquisition). SCADA systems are crucial to keeping facilities safely running in areas such as nuclear power, water filtration, electrical power, large scale manufacturing and other areas often identified as critical infrastructure.


This book educates children on an important technological topic that impacts the world around us but also contains satirical and humorous references aimed at educating people in management. Just because a topic is important does not mean it needs to be complex.  SCADA and Me is a great book to excite children on the tech topic of SCADA and industrial engineering while helping management grasp the basics SCADA cybersecurity.


SCADA and Me's ISBN:

ISBN-13: 978-1491275122 
ISBN-10: 149127512X 



The book can be purchased on at:


The Kindle version of the book can be purchased on Amazon at:




The Story Behind the Book

The author, Robert, works for the U.S. Department of Defense as an Air Force officer. Since the beginning of his career he's been interested in the control systems community (which includes the topic of SCADA). Due to his interactions with a number of great engineers and security folks throughout the industry he learned enough to take part in the DoD's control systems defense and cybersecurity community.  In early 2013 Robert was asked to brief a DoD team about control systems and SCADA with relation to his mission.  After the briefing, Robert realized that even the basics of control systems, especially concerning SCADA, were not grasped by the team despite their need to understand the material for their mission.


In response to this, Robert came up with the concept of SCADA and Me and wrote the narrative for the book.  The first version was, to be honest, a bit of a stress relief where he made the basics of his briefing into a children's book so that it could be better understood by those he briefed.  After this version was created Robert realized that there was an opportunity to change the book so that it was truly educational to a wider audience and encouraging to children. The book was then designed to be a reference that security personnel and engineers could show their children the basics of what they do at work in an easy to understand way; additionally the personnel could extend the same education to their management while having a good laugh.



Robert took the refined book and sought out the illustrator, Jeff, to bring his writings to life with pictures.  Jeff worked tirelessly and finished the product that is now SCADA and Me.  It is their hope that this book will be a fun way for people to learn more while encouraging children to seek out more information about the tech systems around us.  Of course, to keep with the original intent of the book, it is also the hope of the team that the control systems security community now has a book that when they feel a bit overwhelmed they can pass to their management and begin the process of education from the basics.



© 2013 by ROBERT M. LEE All rights reserved.

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