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The Author:

Robert M. Lee is a U.S. Air Force Cyberspace Operations Officer, Adjunt Professor at Utica College, and Director and Founder of the non-profit educational organization hackINT.  He is currently pursuing a PhD in War Studies at Kings College London with research in control systems cybersecurity.  He has presented at numerous international conferences and has published articles in global publications on the topics of control system cybersecurity, the future of cyberspace, and advanced digital threats.  Robert is a lifelong student and educator passionate about the cyberspace domain.

The Illustrator:

Artist and Illustrator Jeff Haas has a career that has spanned a variety of media-- from comics, book and magazine illustrations to corporate and private murals, theatrical posters and paintings.  Jeff and his wife live in Michigan, where they have been remodeling a 100 year old home "forever".

You can see more of his work at

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