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Recent news​ and upcoming events

Spanish and LATAM Edition Announced!
Feb 07, 2013


Today we're happy to publicly announce "SCADA y Yo" the Spanish/LATAM translated version of SCADA and Me!  Jeff Haas worked hard translating the book with huge support and drive from the Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial.


A link to buy SCADA y Yo will be up on the homepage of this website soon but in the meantime check out the press release:


Spanish and LATAM Edition Coming Soon!
November 25, 2013


As a teaser, it's worth posting that thanks to our friends at Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial we will soon have a Spanish/LATAM translated version of SCADA and Me. Jeff is hard at work on making the changes now and we'll post here when it's available to the public.

More Book Giveaways!
October 03, 2013


In addition to the signed book giveaways on GoodReads ( there are also 3 copies being given away at The Children's Book Review.  TCBR is giving away 3 signed copies of SCADA and Me with the competition ending October 31st. If you have children interested in learning new technologies that impact the world around us be sure to enter to win!


Additionally, more copies will be given away at random on the author's Twitter page and the book's Facebook page throughout the month to support National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Be alert to grab your copy!

October's End and Thank You
November 07, 2013


The month of October saw a number of SCADA and Me giveaways in a variety of places including GoodReads, Twitter, and Reddit.  Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed and shared SCADA and Me. The responses from the community have been overwhelming and the support has been greatly appreciated.  Hopefully the discussions will see more people getting interested in the topic and thinking of new ways to solve some of the difficult challenges we face.  Even more importanlty, hopefully the book gets some young people excited about the topic and interested in fields such as security and engineering.  Thanks again and the SCADA and Me team are all looking forward to creating more events, news, and updates to follow. 


Book Giveaways in October!

September 28, 2013


To support National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October the team will be giving away author signed copies of SCADA and Me throughout the month. Copies will be given out on Reddit, GoodRead, Facebook, and Twitter.  The first copies will be given away on GoodReads ( starting on October 1st.  Next, copies will be given away on random dates via Facebook and Twitter. On October 20th, Robert Lee will be participating in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" and giving away copies there. Watch Twitter and Facebook for more news and be sure to participate to grab your free signed copy of SCADA and Me!

Kindle Version Now Available!
September 15, 2013


SCADA and Me can now be purchased as a version for Kindle.  The Kindle version is easily portable on E-Readers such as the Kindle and the Ipad (with the Kindle App).  The price is also reduced for this version to $3.99.


Grab your copy at:

Book Launch!

September 08, 2013


SCADA and Me is live on Amazon today!  The "official" pulication for the book will be September 17th, 2013 when press releases and information will be sent out on the book. After a lot of hard work by the author (Robert), illustrator (Jeff), and publishing company (IT-Harvest Press) the book is finally available to everyone.  The book's official publishing date was chosen to support the U.S. National Cybersecurity Awareness Month  in October.  Please take this opportunity to grab a copy of SCADA and Me and educate those around you.  If you enjoy reading it please let us know!  We appreciate book reviews and ratings on sites such as Amazon and GoodReads as well as feedback via email.


Grab your copy today at:

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