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Reviews and Feedback

Some great reviews and interviews done about SCADA and Me:


Quartz article by Leo Mirani: "This is the Children's Book the President of Estonia Made His Staff Read"


Casey Research article by Doug Hornig: "The Man No One Listens To"


Tripwire article by Anthony Freed: "SCADA and Me: A Children's Book for Security Policy Makers"


Network World article by Tim Greene: "SCADA and Me: An unlikely picture book for kids; an industrial primer for adults"


Smart Security Blog by Andy Bochman: "SCADA Primers Now for Grades 1-8 and Even More Managers"


Book review by Control Global

RSAConference Blogs review by Ben Rothke: "When is the right time to talk to your kids about SCADA?"



Some of our favorite pieces of feedback from readers:


"When I launched IT-Harvest Press in 2012 Robert M. Lee was one of the first people to reach out to me about a project. A children's book on SCADA!!? When I saw the early sketches by the talented Jeff Haas I realized Robert was on to something. This little book will be of tremendous value to anyone involved in cyber education, especially around critical infrastructure like the power grid, oil and gas, and manufacturing. Get it for your kids, or give a copy to your CEO. Either way you will be helping to heighten awareness of critical systems and their vulnerabilities."


- Richard Stiennon, IT-Harvest Founder, Security Expert, and Author of "Surviving Cyberwar"



"Robert M. Lee is one of a small few who is truly expert at advanced cyber security concepts and is also focused on the security of SCADA and control systems. Despite his credentials, this isn't just another technical how-to book offering boring security advice to operators (that's already been done by me - thanks for not competing!). Instead, Lee takes the approach of simplifying the issues, all the way down to a child's level.

The picture book approach is fun, humorous, and so very concisely answers the question "What is SCADA?" Little Bobby and Matt are the book's only two characters, and they explore the various industries that utilize SCADA, and why they should be protected. It doesn't preach how to protect them, other than to state that the basics are often th
e best place to start, and that -- in the words of Little Bobby -- "protecting SCADA sounds so hard!"

Overall, "SCADA and ME: A Book for Children and Managers" is a brave and humorous answer for an industry that often just doesn't seem to get it. For less than 8 bucks, this should be a standard addition to the reception area reading material of any industrial, electrical, manufacturing, utility or other critical infrastructure organization."


- Eric Knapp, SCADA Security Expert, and Author of "Applied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid"



"Finally...I have a book to help explain (with wonderful pictures) about what I do everyday at work (for the past 8+ years). Mr. Lee does a great job of covering the basics of SCADA, while throwing in some humor as well...especially on the hot topics of SCADA in the cloud or on a smartphone. He reminds me and my colleagues that it is our job alone to protect SCADA. I bought 4 copies of the book: I gave one away to a friend in infosec, one to my boss, one to keep at my desk, and one to read with my kids at home."


- Chris Sistrunk, Senior Engineer working with SCADA and RTUs as well as BSides Jackson Organizer

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